visit the studio & create something beautiful today!

Studio Policies:

Kitsap Mosaics is a walk-in mosaic studio, open 5 days a week .Pick a project, relax, and have fun. We have items available for all ages and all skill levels!

How it works:

  • Pick a surface, choose your glass and tile

  • The price marked on the surface includes:
    Two Studio Visits, Surface, Glass, Tile​, Glue & Grout Materials 

  • Average project price between $16-$40

  • Most small to medium projects can be completed within 1-2 hours

  • If more than two visits are needed to complete your project, a fee of ​$5 per additional session will be charged - This will not apply to projects begun/paid for prior to July 1st, 2017.

Unfinished Project Supply Storage: Any glass or tile saved for unfinished projects will be restocked after a period of 45 days.

Unfinished Project Storage: Projects can be stored for continued work for up to
three months. We are not responsible for items left at the studio beyond three months.

Using surfaces not purchased from Kitsap Mosaics: Customers who bring in their own surface to mosaic will be charged $35 per 120 square inches (based on the area of the item) - with a $12 minimum.
​This fee includes two studio visits, glue, glass, tile and grout materials.

Grouting: Customers will be able to select from the following choices regarding finishing their items:

  • Complete at home with detailed instructions and choice of grout color at no charge.
  • Have Kitsap Mosaics complete the grouting for you for a $7 (small), $14  (medium) or $20 (large) charge with one-week turnaround
  • Grouting services for items created outside the Kitsap Mosaics studio will be charged as follows: 

                        $20 for items less than 120 square inches

                        $30 for items between 121 to 600 square inches

Birthday Party and Group Reservations: Kitsap Mosaics asks that you call in advance to reserve a table for parties/groups of 8 or more people.
This will allow us to have the proper staffing and supplies in place to make your visit the very best.

  • There will be a minimum purchase of $16 per person for all parties/groups
    ​of 8 or more
  • Party/group attendees may opt to choose from a variety of items discounted by
    Kitsap Mosaics to fit within this $16 price point.
  • For those who would prefer to select their own items, they may choose from surfaces available on our shelves at a discount of 10%
  • Individual coasters are not included in this option
  • Additional discounts or coupons may not be applied

Outside Food and Beverages: Parties/groups may bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages. Please let the Kitsap Mosaics staff know if you would like us to provide an extra table for your items.

 Group Deposits: All parties/groups of 8 or more people will be required to pay a deposit of $5 per person when making their reservation

  • This deposit will be deducted from your final total the day of your event.
  • For groups with attendees paying individually, the deposit will be refunded with whom placed the deposit.

Group Cancellations: All changes to party/group reservations must be received no less than
 3 days prior to the scheduled event to ensure a full refund or future store credit. 

  • This includes notifying Kitsap Mosaics of any changes in the number of party/group attendees.

  • If the number of party/group attendees is less than the number reserved, than
    ​Kitsap Mosaics will deduct the difference from your deposit refund.


Specialty Discounts: Kitsap Mosaics offers a 10% military discount. However, this discount can not be used without proper ID and will only apply to the ID holder.​ This discount can not be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

Gift Certificates: Customers using a gift certificate for payment must present the
​actual printed certificate to the cashier at time of purchase.